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Craft Beer Garden - Live Here, Drink Here

Located in the Food Court

Austin Amber

Austin Amber was inspired Austin theaters, those community spaces that celebrate the creativity of music, film, art and independent-minded people. Austin Amber is a true original with its blend of toasted malt flavor balanced by American hops. It's smooth and laid-back. No need to pack your bags, just sip back a cold Austin Amber and enjoy.

Power & Light

Brewed with Pale and Pilsen malts, and just the right touch of Cascade hops, Power & Light is a crisp and refreshing take on the American Pale Ale. Power & Light is designed to be very seasonable - it finishes clean and dry with light lingering grape fruity hop notes. Inspired by Austin's iconic, art-deco Seaholm Power Plant, this 2014 Good Food Awards Winner has become a perennial favorite of craft beer drinkers across Texas. Power & Light tastes just right!

White Rabbit

Venture down the rabbit hole to experience White Rabbit, a delightfully hazy Belgian-style White Ale delicately spiced with orange zest and coriander. A pleasure to imbibe and a wonder to behold, White Rabbit demands you think and drink for yourself.


Inspired by the Berlin wheat beer, Redbud is refreshingly tart and lemony. It has a subtle wheat maltiness and it’s highly effervescent with a crisp finish. It is the perfect beer for scorching Texas summers.


Starting a brewery, the idea sounded crazy to their family and friends back in 2004, but Amy and Rob Cartwright knew what they were up against. They knew the “big guys” brew millions of barrels a year, on automated equipment worth millions of dollars, with super-sized advertising budgets. But Amy and Rob Cartwright had to brew beer, their own beer. And they had to share it with Texas.